Common Assessment Frame Work (CAF) and Youth Inclusion Support Panels (YISP)

In September 2003, detailed within the Youth Justice System, the Government desired to develop and establish Youth Inclusion Support Panels (Y.I.S.Ps) across the Country. These multi–agency panels, locally funded and managed by the Youth Offending Service were established to:

To identify young person between 8 – 13 years who were vulnerable by being involved in crime and anti social behaviour.

To encourage and support those young persons to become involved in positive activities.

To encourage and support those young persons to become involved in positive activities

To assist parents and carers in promoting a safe and secure environment.

The main emphasis of a panel's work is to ensure that children and their families, at the earliest possible opportunity, can access mainstream public services.

The Birmingham Youth Offending Service recognised the developing partnership approach in Quinton concerning ‘at risk’ children young people and thus identified Quinton as being one of the three original YISPs established in Birmingham. Since October 2003 the Quinton YISP has been held each month at Quinzone. The Safe Haven Coordinator is chair of the panel and the Safe Haven Team are a key part of the referral of ‘at risk’ children and young people.

The Safe Haven Team also support the Common Assessment Framework detailed in the Government’s Every Child Matters Agenda.

The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is a key part of delivering frontline services that are integrated and focused around the needs of children and young people.

 The CAF is a standardised approach to conducting an assessment of a child's additional needs and deciding how those needs should be met. It is be used by practitioners across children's services in England. The Youth Safe Haven Coordinator chairs the CAF Moderating and Evaluating Panel meeting held each term at Quinzone.